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    Dangerous Toys For Dogs

    A Pointer laying on the floor holding a rawhide bone in its paws

    Playing is one of the most important parts of a dog's day. While it's great for their physical and mental health it can also be really dangerous if not done properly.

    A dog jumping next to its owner trying to reach a stick in the owners hand

    In this blog post you will read about dangerous toys for dogs and why exactly are they dangerous.

    1. Rawhide bones

    Very popular and cheap treat that many owners give to their dogs without realizing the dangers it can do.

    Rawhide is meant to be a long-lasting treat that breaks down into small bits but it doesn't always go in that direction.

    If your dog manages to break off a larger chunk of rawhide and swallow it, there is a big chance of it swelling in the stomach. Apart from that dogs can't digest larger bits of rawhide meaning it can lead to constipation. If something like this happens surgical removal might be neccesary.

    A dog grabbing a rawhide bone with its mouth

    2. Tug of war toys

    The image below shows one of the most popular tug of war toys for dogs but also one of the most dangerous.

    Apart from posing a choking hazard, it can also cause serious damage to your dog's eyes or any part of their face. The suction cup doesn't always stay secured and if it goes loose it will fly directly into the dogs face at high speeds.

    It doesn't have to be that your dog pulled too hard on it, the toy sometimes simply doesn't adhere to the surface.

    A light blue, red and dark blue Tug of war dog toys

    The risks this toy poses simply do not make it worth the potential fun your dog might have with it.Ā 

    3.Ā Real bones

    Although bonesĀ keep your dog occupied and can be great at cleaning your dog's teeth they post a hidden threat that can be very dangerous.

    Bones tend to splinter when broken and, if swallowed, can cause severe gastrointestinal disordersĀ such as internal bleeding, choking, vomiting, etc...

    A Boseron holding a bone with its paws gently bitting it

    4. Small toys

    Toys small enough to be swallowed or toys that have been broken into pieces pose a serious threat to dogs.

    They can cause choking and onceĀ requireĀ surgical removal. If your dog does manage to rip a toy apart make sure to remove the pieces that are small enough to be swallowed.

    A Blue Lacy playing tug of war with its owner on a beach

    5. Sticks

    A true classic when it comes to dog toys the sticks are a dog's favorite on any walk but it's also quite dangerous as well.

    Chewing on sticks can damage your dog's teeth and gum and wear them down. Sticks tend to splinter as well which can cause additional damage to your dog's mouth or intestines.

    If that wasn't enough some trees can even be toxic to dogs. This may lead to vomiting, bowel movement issues, etc...

    A Blue Lacy holding a stick in its mouth

    6. Pig ears

    Another cheap and widely available treat that was believed to help teething puppies turned out to be an enemy to dogs of any age.

    Pig ears are very difficult to digest and dogs will often swallow large bits of ears. They might choke on it or in a better case throw it up leaving you with a smelly cleanup job.

    Always monitor your dog during playtime to ensure they have fun without any injuries!

    Two clumsy looking Maltese puppies running

    Thank you for reading. Hopefully you found this article interesting and helpful. Until next time!Ā 

    Stay pawsome!Ā šŸ¶

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