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About Us

How it started?

It all started back in 2020 when Matt, our CEO, read a worrying study that said 1 in 4 dogs suffers from anxiety, with the number growing annually. Since then, we've been on a mission to help reduce anxiety in dogs and offer solutions on making pet parenting as easy as it can be.

How it's going?

Since 2020 we've carefully designed and produced various dog beds that are not only scientifically proven to reduce anxiety but also offer deep relaxation and support for tired muscles and joints.

Apart from comfy dog beds, we've introduced various dog toys and puzzles that challenge dog's minds and delight their senses.

Finally, as pet owners ourselves we understand the importance of spending time and travelling with our pups. Various harnesses, collars and seat covers offer ideal solutions whether you're taking your pup for a walk, driving them to the vet or going on a weekend getaway.

Our vision.

Our vision is simple: make every dog's life a proper one!

How are we going to do it? Keep improving our selection of products and make pet parenting a walk in the park. Literally and figuratively.

100% safe materials

All of our products are dog friendly and safe

Secure Payment

Each purchase is protected with SSL encryption

Premium Quality

Exceptional products inspired by dog's needs and safety

Tracked Shipping

Every order can be tracked from the moment it is shipped to you