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    Snail Snuffle Mat

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    Whether you want your dog to 'burn off' that extra energy or simply want to occupy them while you are busy, the Snail Snuffle Mat is the solution for you!

    It's a simple, but extremely effective toy when it comes to both mental and physical stimulation.

    Corgi sniffing the Snail Snuffle Mat being held by a human hand

    Simply put your dog's favorite treats inside of the toy, roll it up and it's ready for use.

    The velcro makes it more challenging to unroll the snail while the squeaker in the head adds that extra layer of fun.

    Snail Snuffle Mat hole filled with kibble

    Made from soft fleece, your dog will love playing with this adorable soft snail. As your pup sniffs and plays with it, it will slowly reach the treats.

    It's a great enrichment tool for any dog, regardless of their energy level!

    Corgi standing on the Snail Snuffle Mat and sniffing it

    If your dog tends to inhale food, rather than slowly eat it this is a perfect way to slow them down.

    Apart from reducing the risk of choking, a slower intake of food stimulates proper food digestion.

    Corgi playing with the rolled Snail Snuffle Mat

    Scientific research has shown that 15 minutes of sniffing equals an astonishing 60 minutes of walking.

    Your pup will be happy and exhausted after each snuffle mat session.

    Corgi playing with the Snail Snuffle Mat

    If the snail gets dirty, you can wash it in the washing machine at lower temperatures and it will be as good as new!

    The recommended temperature is 86°F/30°C.

    Snail Snuffle Mat

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