Shark & Mermaid Dog Life Jacket

Shark & Mermaid Dog Life Jacket

Shark & Mermaid Dog Life Jacket

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Although dogs are great swimmers, they often use only their front legs to swim which can tire them out really fast. This might cause them to panic and eventually start drowning.

The Shark & Mermaid Dog Life Jacket keeps any dog safe and secure in the water even for longer periods of time.

The life jacket is easy to use and offers great versatility when in use. It's excellent both for swimming or as a precautionary measure during boat rides.

It's available in two different options - Shark & Mermaid. Your dog will always be the stylish one wherever you go!

The quick-to-use buckles and velcro patches ensure you can put on or take off the jacket quickly if needed. Heavy-duty D-ring allows you to strap on a leash during walks.

Please refer to the size chart below to choose the perfect size for your pup.

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