Calming Cuddle Furniture Protector

Calming Cuddle Furniture Protector

Calming Cuddle Furniture Protector

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Pups love sprawling out on the couch next to their humans. But more than often, they scratch the seats and leave hair everywhere.

The Calming Cuddle Furniture Protector ensures your pup gets the rest they deserve without damaging your couch or any other piece of furniture!

The raised rim acts as a pillow but also creates a sense of security while the faux fur resembles the feeling of cuddling up to their mother, giving pups a chance to relax and calm down properly.

On top of all that, the super-soft filling supports tired joints and offers muscle pain relief.

The bed features a non-slip waterproof bottom. This ensures the bed stays in place and protects your couch, floor, car or any other surface from accidents that may occur.

Thanks to the removable rim the bed can easily be machine washed if you need to clean it or just want to keep it nice and fresh!

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Machine wash: cold (max 30C or 90F), gentle cycle. Tumble dry, low heat.

Luxury design and looks make this bed a great addition to the design of any home.

Please refer to the size chart below to choose the perfect size for your pup.

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