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Awesome Activities For Dogs

Duck Tolling Retriever looking out of car window

If you've ever wondered what your dog might enjoy doing with you, this is the blog post for you. You will read about basic things your dog can acompany you in and some which might not come to mind at first. 


The most obvious one is definetely the 'walkies'. The most simple thing you can do with your doggo is walks. It's a great and simple activity both for the human and his four legged friend. The benefits of walking include stronger bones, lower risk of anxiety and depression and can reduce 'zoomies' and bad behavior in dogs.

A dog and a human walking through the woods


Just like walking, running provides a great physical and mental stimulation. Aside from weight loss, runnning reduces anxiety levels and depression. Running is an even better way to deal with 'zoomies' and extra energy. Always remember to hydrate your dog properly and watch out for heat strokes.

A Labrador Retriever running on grass


Your dog will be thrilled to acompany you when you go camping. Dogs can adapt to a new sleeping environment easily so a tent won't be a problem, but they might preffer to sleep outside if the weather is hot. Always remember to keep your dog on a leash when they are away from you so they don't run off after another animal. Keep an eye out for signs of thirst/hunger and heat strokes or coldness. Fresh water being the most important, you should consider buying a reusable water bottle. The DrunkPupShop Travel Water Bottle offers just the thing.

A Labrador laying on a blanket next to its human in front of a tent


Known as the 'original Fisherman's Friend' most dogs absolutely love to go fishing. They can catch fish on their own, aid you in catching or simply keep you company. Your loyal companion will be quiet and won't disturb the fish. They might steal a bit of your food, but that's a reasonable price to pay. Always make sure to have fresh water and food for your dog alongside shade to keep them cool. A life jacket is an absolute must considering they will most likely go swimming at some point. Check out the DrunkPupShop Shark & Mermaid Life Jacket to keep your dog trendy and cool while having the peace of mind knowing your dog is safe while swimming.

Labrador sitting on a dock next to its human that is fishing


Many have a built-in habit to run after and retrieve items that are thrown. Playing fetch is a great mental and physical stimulation and can help burn all that extra energy your dog might have. You can check out the Dog Toys section of DrunkPupShop to choose the perfect toys for your dog.

A Chocolate Labrador holding a tennis ball in its mouth


Watching TV is great for dogs for many reasons. They love to spend time around their owners and cuddle. Aside from that, watching TV, soothes their ears and can even help with separation anxiety, as long as it is not too loud. Always remember, dogs hear much better than humans.

A dog watching


Just like people enjoy music, dogs do too. It has a soothing effect and helps them calm down. The best genres of music for dogs is classical music, reggae and soft rock. Always remember to keep volume at a reasonable level so that the music does not harm their ears.

A Dogo Argentino listening to its human play the guitar


Considering some dogs sleep over 80% of the day, they will surely enjoy taking a nap with their human. Cuddling and being close to their human calms them down and eases anxiety. If they preffer napping on their own bed, the DrunkPupShop Calming Cuddle Bed is the perfect choice. Raised edges provide a sense of security while the soft filling offers joint and muscle pain relief. 

A Golden Retriever napping on a couch


Many dogs enjoying going on car rides even if it just means driving around in circles. Put on some calming music and you have the recipe for the most enjoyable time of their life. Either napping or looking out the window they will cherish every moment of the ride. If you don't want to get your seats dirty from their paws, you should consider getting a Seat Cover to keep your seats clean. You can check out the DrunkPupShop Waterproof Car Seat Cover for the best protection of your car seats.

Labrador laying on back seats of car fited with Waterproof Car Seat Cover

Thank you for reading. Hopefully you found this article fun and interesting. Until next time! 

Stay pawsome! 🐶

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