Waterproof Camo Harness

Waterproof Camo Harness

Waterproof Camo Harness

Are you tired of cleaning those dirty wet spots that your dog leaves everywhere after getting their fur wet? It's difficult to clean, slippery, and smells bad. Our Waterproof Camo Harness is the perfect solution for you. 

Unlike a typical collar, a harness reduces stress on your dog's neck and at the same time, it keeps their fur clean and dry. 

  • WATERPROOF: The Harness is made from polyester fabric that does not allow any water to reach your dog's fur and can protect your dog from coldness for a shorter amount of time.

  • CONVENIENT USE: To put the Harness onto your dog simply pull their legs through the leg holes and close the zip. Hook the leash and you're ready to go!

  • UNIQUE AND STYLISH: Our Harness is stylish and vibrant like no other on the market. Available in five different classic but timeless camo prints that will look good in any situation and will make your dog feel like a boss.

Please refer to this table to choose the perfect Harness size for your furry friend.

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