Velvet 4-in-1 Collar Set

Velvet 4-in-1 Collar Set

Velvet 4-in-1 Collar Set

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Whether you're dressing up for a special occasion or want to add flair to your dog's everyday look this velvet set is the perfect choice.

Apart from making the collar stylish, the velvet adds an extra layer of softness around your dog's neck. Any dog falls in love with this collar instantly!

It is adjustable with a quick-release buckle and a heavy-duty D-ring to ensure you can safely leash your dog if needed.

The set also comes with a velvet bow tie to add that extra spice to your dog's appearance but it can effortlessly be removed if you prefer a simple look.


The leash is also soft to the touch and just like the collar it features a heavy-duty D-ring made for carrying the poop bag pouch.

Wherever you and your pup might be the poop bags will be at hand reach and ready to keep the environment clean!

The final part of this gorgeous set is the poop bag pouch. As mentioned before you don't have to worry about bringing the poop bags as they can always be clipped to the leash.

Please refer to this size chart to choose the perfect size for your pup. Keep in mind, a collar should be snug enough so that you can fit two fingers between your dog's neck and the collar itself.


Each set includes a collar, bowtie, leash and poop bag pouch.

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