Slow Feeder Food Bowl 2.0

Slow Feeder Food Bowl 2.0

Slow Feeder Food Bowl 2.0

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Dogs love diving head-first into their food bowl and inhaling their food as quickly as possible but this often brings many risks and unwanted consequences.

Choking and indigestion leading to bloating, constipation and weight gain are just some of the possible outcomes...

As you can see in the video above, nothing stops this dog from swallowing a large amount of food in such a short time.

The new and improved Slow Feeder Food Bowl 2.0 ensures your dog eats their meal in a healthy and risk-free way!


The 3D bowl design prevents your dog from eating too fast reducing the risk of choking and allowing proper digestion.

As your dog has to make an effort to reach the food they won't be able to grab a mouthful and just swallow. This provides enrichment and it's more fun than the traditional way.

The bowl is BPA-free and made from toxic-free plastic making it perfectly safe for dogs. It can be washed with warm soapy water.

Anti-skid patches are glued to the bottom of the bowl to prevent your dog from moving the bowl or flipping to prevent spillage.

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