Reflective Waterproof Anti-Slip Dog Shoes

Reflective Waterproof Anti-Slip Dog Shoes

Reflective Waterproof Anti-Slip Dog Shoes

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Do you hate having to clean and dry off wet spots that your dog leaves with their paws after walking in rain or through a puddle? It's ugly, smells bad and you can even slip on the wet spot.

Our Anti-Slip Dog Shoes will not only keep your dog's paws clean and dry during wet walks but also protect from cold. Put them on your dog's paws, tighten and you're all set!

  •  WATERPROOF: The polyester outside combined with the adjustable elastic band ensure no water reaches your dog's paws.

  • REFLECTIVE: The reflective strip can be seen from any direction so every car, biker, and cyclist can see your dog, especially in rainy and foggy weather. 



  • WARM INSIDE: The inside of the Shoes is made from super soft cotton that provides extra comfort and keeps your dog's paws warm in cold weather.



  • ANTI-SLIP DESIGN: The sole of the shoe is made from anti-slip rubber that will provide maximum grip and will at the same time protect your dog's paws from coldness, rain, snow, ice, salt, and much more...

Note: Each order contains four shoes.

Please refer to this table to choose the perfect shoe size for your furry friend.

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