Pup Pendant Necklace

Pup Pendant Necklace

Pup Pendant Necklace

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Some furry friends have just come into our homes, and some have left forever. Whichever the case may be, every dog owner can agree their favorite memories are the ones that include their dogs.

With this pendant necklace, you can keep the favorite memory of your dog alive forever.

The pendant can also be personalized meaning you can have your pup's name engraved directly on the pendant.

The necklace is 20" (50cm) long while the pendant is 1.57" (4cm) long. Each pendant is handmade meaning it takes up to 4 days to be completed after receiving your order.

Once you complete your order please send us your first and last name, your dog's name, if you wish for the pendant to be personalized, and the image you want as a pendant. 

PLEASE NOTE: For the best quality please send us a high-quality image, as a poor quality photo means that the pendant will also be blurry. 

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