Pet Friendly Sofa Cover

Pet Friendly Sofa Cover

Pet Friendly Sofa Cover

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Our Waterproof Protective Sofa Cover allows you to never worry about spills or other accidents again. Not only does the cover protect your sofa, but it’s also a stunning art piece that adds personality to the living room.

Technological Design: The polyester woven design features advanced laminate technology which creates an impenetrable wall that allows no liquid to seep through the fabric. Anything and everything from wine, soda, and water. The liquid just stays above the cover allowing you to quickly and easily clean up the spill without the worry of damage. You will never have to worry about the cover slipping off the sofa either. The fabric grips the couch and will never slide no matter how much you move.


Pet Proof: We all know pets love to spend time on the couch, but sometimes they decide it’s a good idea to scratch the sofa. The cover provides an incredibly strong protective layer that prevents any scratching, piercing, or any other damage to the sofa underneath. No matter how much your pet tries or how long their claws are, no damage will be done to your sofa. The fabric also prevents all odors from clinging to the cover itself.

Comfortable and Unique: Protecting your sofa should come at no cost to your comfort or the look of your living room. The quilted design of the cover creates a soft, comfortable layer with a lot of cushions to sit on. The simplistic yet intriguing design of the cover gives your room a unique look.



  • Machine Washable
  • Waterproof
  • Antifouling
  • Polyester Quilted Fabric


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