LED Glow In The Dark Collar

LED Glow In The Dark Collar

LED Glow In The Dark Collar

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More than 1.2 million dogs are killed annually in traffic accidents in the USA alone. The biggest part of that is dogs hit by cars due to low or no visibility.

The solution? Our LED Dog Collar. The LED strip on the collar ensures your dog is seen even when it's dark!

  • LED STRIP: The LED strip ensures your dog is seen anywhere in the dark. You can choose between three lighting options and pick your favorite. After turning it on it will be in 'quick flash mode'. Clicking it again will turn on the 'slow flash' and finally the 'steady light'. Hold the on/off button longer to turn it off.

  • RECHARGEABLE: You will receive a micro-USB cable for free so you can charge the collar anywhere you go. No more hassling with batteries and no hidden costs. 1 hour of charging can endure up to 6 hours of working. Once you're done charging, you can close the flap on the USB port so no dirt or water reaches inside. 

  • SAFE & STURDY: The Collar is made from dog-friendly nylon and high-quality fibers that don't harm your dog's skin and can endure pulling.

  • ADJUSTABLE: In case your puppy is still growing or has gained/lost some weight you can easily change the size of the Collar and adjust it to their neck.

Please refer to this table to choose the perfect collar size for your furry friend.

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