Snail Snuffle Mat

Snail Snuffle Mat

Snail Snuffle Mat

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Whether you want your dog to 'burn' that extra energy, or simply want to occupy them while you are busy, the Snail Snuffle Mat is the answer.

It's a simple, but extremely effective toy when it comes to both mental and physical stimulation.

Simply put your dog's favorite treats inside of the toy, roll it up and it's ready for use.

The snail's head is squeaky making it even more fun for your fur baby.


Made from soft fleece, your dog will love playing with this adorable soft snail. As they play with it, they will slowly search for their treat.

It's a great exercise that is rewarding at the same time.

If your dog inhales food, rather than slowly eating this will be a great way to slow that down. This minimizes the risk of choking and stimulates proper food digestion.

Scientific research has shown that using the snuffle mat for 10 minutes equals an astonishing 1 hour of walking. 

Your dog will be happy and ready for a nap after each use.

In case the snuffle mat gets dirty, you can wash it in the washing machine at lower temperatures and it will be as good as new!



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