Giant Calming Cuddle Bed

Giant Calming Cuddle Bed

Giant Calming Cuddle Bed

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If you've ever wondered what a queen size bed for pups is, this is the answer. The Giant Calming Cuddle Bed is one of the largest pet beds in the world!

The raised rim around the Calming Cuddle Bed creates a sense of security and activates the nervous system in a positive way.

This allows your dog to calm down faster, relax more easily, and sleep more soundly.

But, most importantly, the super-soft filling offers joint and muscle pain relief

Any dog owner knows that even when they leave for short periods of time, upon their return their furry friend will respond as if they have been away for months.

So, how do we help stop these preventable anxiety attacks?

Simple: Create an environment they feel calm and safe in. 

Designed with extra care, your dog’s comfort is our number one priority.

Your dog will get an ideal night’s sleep in this luxurious bed. 

Thanks to its large dimensions 69" x 37" (175cm x 95cm) the bed can keep both you and your pup comfortable as the max weight it can hold is 310lbs (141kg)!

Easy to Clean – The Giant Calming Cuddle Bed is 100% safe in the washing machine and dryer.

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Machine wash: cold (max 30C or 90F), gentle cycle. Tumble dry

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