Dual Retractable Leash

Dual Retractable Leash

Dual Retractable Leash

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Any dog owner that walks two dogs at the same time knows how difficult it is to keep their leashes organized. Pulling, tangling and chaos every time you go out. 

If you're ready to have a nice relaxing walk with your dogs the Dual Retractable Leash is the answer. It allows you to walk two dogs at the same time without the hassle.

The leash has a 360° degree rotation mechanism that will automatically start untangling if your dogs start scrambling around.

The leash cords are made from nylon and each is 10 feet/3 meters long giving your dogs plenty of freedom during walks. Apart from being lengthy, the cords are reflective making it the perfect thing for night walks.

Each leash comes with a poop bag holder and a mounted flashlight powered by 1 x AAA battery for even easier night walks. Please note that the battery and poop bags are not included in the package.

Each leash cord can be individually controlled just like a regular leash.

Installing the battery and the poop bags takes only a minute. Remove the mounted holder, insert 1 x AAA battery and the poop bags and simply return the holder to its place.

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