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Dog Toothbrush

Dog Toothbrush

Dog Toothbrush

Let your dogs brush their own teeth & freshen their own breath!

Do you struggle to brush your dog’s teeth? Isn’t it difficult? Isn’t it such a stressful experience for both you and your pups?

Imagine if your dog could brush their own teeth! How Pawesome would that be!

This is the Dog Toothbrush that lets dogs take control of their own dental health every day.



It is specially designed to clean teeth on both sides and is angled to fit comfortably in your dog’s mouth.



The Toothbrush encourages pets to clean their teeth every day. It is designed to clean teeth on both sides, and it is angled to fit comfortably in your dog’s mouth. It even contains a stabilizing base that allows your dog to hold it easier.

The only thing you must do is fill the toothbrush with dog toothpaste and let your dog play! Use Daily for 5-10 minutes. 


Pair it with your favorite pet-safe toothpaste to get a good brushing in without your dog even knowing it. Designed to let your dog chew while cleaning his teeth. Dogs love the feeling and it’s great hygiene for them, too.

  • Made from natural, durable pet-safe rubber
  • Rigid bristles grind away plaque and loosen tartar in hard to reach places
  • Optionally insert toothpaste alongside grooves to provide even better cleaning
  • Contains stabilizing base so that your pet can hold the toothbrush easier
  • Dishwasher safe (top rack) for easy cleaning


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