Dog Shower Sprayer

Dog Shower Sprayer

Dog Shower Sprayer

Give your dogs a spa experience every bath time with this Multi-functional Dog Shower Sprayer! 


This tool combines a sprayer and a scrubber which allows you to massage your pets while grooming them. Bathing and massage are hard to resist so your pets will surely enjoy bath time even more.




  • COMFORTABLE FOR YOUR PET — Unique soft brush can help you clean dirt on your pet and massage your pet giving your furry ones a luxury spa experience. Can be used indoors and outdoors and can be attached to any faucet or hose.
  • CONVENIENT TO USE — Our premium quality pet bathing tools ergonomic design comes with an adjustable strap guaranteed to fit your hand. Fixate the shower sprayer to either palm and you can easily cleanse and massage your pet in a matter of minutes!
  • EASY TO INSTALL — Equipped with two hose adapters that connect to a standard hose or faucet. The faucet connector is suitable for most kinds of faucets.
  • SAVE TIME & WATER — The switch button near the water outlet is convenient for you to open and close water whenever you need it. It helps you save time and water when showering your pet.
  • EASY GROOM & WASH — This hand-held sprayer combines bathing with a relaxing massage, making it ideal for anxious pets. The 7.5 ft hose also makes holding and comforting your pet while getting the job done easier than ever before!


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