Dog Toothbrush

Dog Toothbrush

Dog Toothbrush

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Like humans, a dog's dental hygiene is crucial for healthy teeth without plaque, tartar and gum disease.

But unlike humans, dogs can't simply grab a toothbrush, some toothpaste and start brushing their teeth. Or can they?

The Dog Toothbrush lets your dog brush their teeth and at the same time freshens their breath without any struggles or worries.

The toothbrush is made from natural pet-safe rubber!

Once you fill up the toothbrush with pet-safe toothpaste, your dog no longer needs your help. It is designed so that your dog can do everything on its own!

The bristles and nudges grind away plaque and loosen tartar even in hard-to-reach places. A broader base allows your dog to hold the toothbrush with its paws.

Your dog will love the feeling and freshness this toothbrush provides. Pair it with your dog's favorite pet-safe toothpaste for a winning combination!

It is recommended that dogs brush their teeth every day to minimize any dental problems, but two to three times a week should be a minimum.

After a five to ten minute session wash the toothbrush in warm soapy water and let it dry.

Please refer to the size image below to choose the perfect size for your pup.

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