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    Summer Dangers For Dogs

    A Golden Retriever sitting on a beach looking at the sunset

    Dogs love summer as they can run around in open fields, visit their favorite beach or simply enjoy the sunset after a long day of playing.

    But, not every aspect of summer is as pawsome as the things mentioned before.

    Summer brings many dangers for dogs. In this blog, you can read about the dangers and how to avoid them.

    1. Heatwave

    Hot summer days can cause dogs to overheat. It is important to keep your dog cool and away from direct sunlight during the hottest parts of the day.

    Take them on walks early in the morning or later in the evening and give them plenty of fresh water throughout the day. They might enjoy licking ice cubes. It is a great refreshing mental exercise.

    A Golden Retriever sitting under a sunshade on a beach

    2. Burnt paw pads

    Dogs don't wear shoes. They step onto the ground directly with their paws. This means that any rough or hot terrain poses an immediate danger for their paws.

    Apart from being sensitive, dogs' paws are their sweat gland. If their paws become hot, their overall body temperature rises and can lead to a heat stroke.

    Avoid hot concrete or pavements at all costs.

    Closeup of a dog's front paws

    3. Barbecue danger

    Everyone loves BBQ, even dogs. But you must be careful of having a barbecue with your dog around.

    They could be burned by the fire or swallow a potentially dangerous item such as a skewer, a bone, or a toothpick. If you decide to take your dog to a barbecue, always keep an eye on them.

    A dog sitting next to its owner looking at a table full of food

    4. Insect attacks

    Dogs are naturally curious beings and won't hesitate to see if something is tasty.

    This includes bees, wasps and ants, and more. While little, these creatures are quite dangerous. Sometimes an insect bite or sting might only be itchy or hurt a little bit, but other times it can get more serious.

    Applying a cool cloth to the place of the sting can ease pain and reduce swelling.

    An allergic reaction might have you rushing to the vet. The best way to avoid this is to keep your dog close and avoid high grass and abandoned trees.

    A dog laying on grass

    5. Drowning and water poisoning

    Many pups love swimming and cooling off in the water. Some preffer the sea, others might preffer a pool.

    Whichever the case may be you have to be vary of a couple of things. If you visit the beach with your dog make sure you provide them enough fresh drinking water.

    Sea water contains a lot of salt and may be fatal to dogs. If your dog did drink sea water a vet visit might be needed. The most important thing is to give them moderate amounts of fresh water every half an hour.

    Make sure to rinse your dog after they're done swimming to remove any salt left in their fur as it may skin irritaiton.

    Most pools have low chlorine levels which should be harmless for your dog, but if you think they drank too much don't hesitate to visit a vet and get their opinion.

    Finally, provide your dog with a floatie or a life jacket to avoid the risk of drowning.

    A Golden Retriever wearing sunglasses floating on two sponge floaties

    6. Corn cobs

    Corn is a great summer treat for dogs. Before giving corn to your dog make sure the cob has been properly removed as it may get stuck in the stomach or the intestines or cause choking.

    Call your vet immediately if your dog ends up eating even a tiny amount of the cob.

    A Tibetan Terrier eating corn on the cob

    7. Leaving your dog in a car

    Never leave your dog in a car during summer even if you will only be gone for five minutes. This is enough time for the inside of the car to heat up to unbearable temperatures. 

    A Maltese sitting on the back seats of a car

    Thank you for reading. Hopefully you found this article interesting and helpful. Until next time! 

    Stay pawsome! 🐶 

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