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Rainy Day Occupations

A sad looking Labrador laying under an umbrella

Dogs and humans have many things in common but there is one thing in particular that stands out. Most of us don't like rain. 

It's muddy, wet and uncomfortable so the solution is often to hide indoors. This is why we have compiled a list of things to do with your pup on a rainy day.

1. Movies

Although dogs might not understand what's going on in the movie, you will both love the cuddle session and the relaxation it brings.

You can also share some snacks. Any dog can agree that food tastes the best when shared.

A puppy cuddling its human on the couch looking at a bowl of popcorn

2. Hide-and-seek

A simple game that everybody loves. Choose who is the hider and who is the seeker and you're ready to play.

Your pup will love the excitement and the sniffing when looking for you will greatly help with burning that extra energy!

Alternatively, you can hide your dog's favorite treats and let them sniff. It is a highly rewarding exercise that is great for their mental stimulation.

A Golden Retriever sitting under a blanket

3. Learning a new trick

Learning a new trick sometimes takes time and effort but since you've got plenty of time why not use it to get something productive done?

A Dalmatian sitting on the floor next to its owner giving paw

4. Fetch

A game of fetch will help your dog burn a lot of energy even indoors. Just make sure there isn't anything your dog can run into or knock down and break such as vases or lamps.

A Goldendoodle running after a tennis ball

5. Play date

If your dog has a best friend or a whole group of friends consider calling them over to your house.

You get a chance to hang out with other humans while dogs get a great socializing day! 

Prepare some snacks and toys and you have a play date!

A Jack Russell Terrier hugging a Duck Toller as both look up

6. Spa day

Dogs need some care as well but they can't do everything on their own. This is where humans step in.

Bath them, brush their fur, clean their ears and brush the 'toofs'. Don't forget the nails as well.

A Shiba Inu laying in bed with a towel on its head

7. Puzzle toys

Puzzle toys and snuffle mats are the perfect solutions for keeping your dog occupied for longer periods.

Apart from being occupied all the sniffing will have dogs exhausted and ready for a long nap.

A Corgi sniffing the Carrot Field Snuffle Mat next to a cat

Check out the Drunk Pup Shop dog toy selection right here: Dog Toys

8. Take a nap together

Another thing dogs and humans have in common is loving naps. Grab a fluffy blanket, snuggle up and lazy time is on!

A Shiba Inu napping on a couch next to its human

Thank you for reading. Hopefully, you found this article interesting and helpful. Until next time! 

Stay pawsome! 🐶

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