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    Important Commands Every Dog Should Know

    An Australian Shepherd giving paw

    While commands like 'Paw' or 'Spin' look cool, they are not as nearly as important asĀ some other commands might be.

    Why is that?

    A dog's knowledge of the recall command might save their life in the case of an emergency.

    If you're curious about other important commands and why exactly they are important make sure to read this blog post completely!

    1. Name recognition

    A Bernese Mountain Dog looking at its owner in a park

    One of the most basic commands.Ā If your dog knows you are talking to them it will be easier to teach them other commands as they will focus on you.

    This command also improves a dog's discipline.

    2. Recall

    A Beagle running with a ball in its mouth

    A recall command ensures your dog returns to you no matter what they are doing or how far away they are.

    This is useful in case your dog starts running into traffic or any other form of danger.

    3. Stay

    A Belgian Malinois being trained in a park

    This command is great for keeping your dog controlled and stationary.

    By keeping your dog in the desired place you can avoid an unwanted confrontationĀ with another animal, preventĀ them from running into traffic or simply ensure they wait no matter where you go.

    4. Drop

    A Weimaraner carrying a stick in a backyard

    Every dog owner can agree dogs are very curious beings. While it is great that they explore the world around them, it can at the same time be dangerous.

    Dogs will try to grab and even start to eat a lot of things they stumble upon. A simple 'Drop' command ensures your dog will drop whatever they are holding in their mouth.Ā 

    This greatly reduces the risk of your dog choking on items or eating something potentially poisonous.Ā 

    A Bealge giving paw

    Thank you for reading. Hopefully you found this article interesting and helpful. Until next time!Ā 

    Stay pawsome!Ā šŸ¶Ā 

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