100 Cool Puppy Names

If you want your puppy to have a cool name and stand out of the crowd, this is the blog post for you. Keep reading and you will find funky and cool 50 male and 50 female names for puppies. We have included some adorable puppy photos as well to boost your serotonin levels.

Male Names:

1. Winston Furchill

2. Hurricane

3. Toaster 

4. Cricket

5. Rhino

6. Phantom

7. Zeus

8. Ace

This an adorable Australian Shepherd by the name of Ace. You can check out his IG page @ausiee_ace__

9. Bruce

10. Blaze

11. Felix

12. Thor

13. Brick

14. Duke

15. Axl/Axel

16. Porter

17. Bowser


This is Bowser. A Blue Staffy puppy enjoying his Sponge Bob towel. You can find him on IG @thebowserblue

18. Mario

19. Luigi

20. Shaq

21. Ash

22. Moose

23. Doc

24. Captain

25. Odin

26. Phoenix


Phoenix the Corgi seems to be a big fan of the Mandalorian. Check out more of his adventures on IG @phoenix.thecorgi

27. Link

28. Oreo

29. Casper

30. Mickey 

31. Bear

32. Bean 

33. Bolt 

34. CJ

35. Darwin

36. Frank


Frank is a little pug who was most likely named after the legendary Frank from Men in Black. His IG is @frankthepug12521

37. Goose

38. Ghost

39. King

40. Loki

41. Albert

42. Ozzy

43. Sarge

44. Stewie

45. Stich

46. Shadow

47. Scooter

48. Buzz

49. Champ

50. Lightning

Lightning is a Pomeranian pup that loves running around & giving kisses. Check him out @babylight19 

Female names: 

1. Angel

2. Coco

3. Trixie

4. Queen

5. Saffron

6. Ruby


Ruby the chocolate cockapoo posing for the camera. Her IG is @ruby_the_chocolate_cockapoo

7. Ash

8. Bean 

9. Biscuit

10. Candy

11. Cookie

12. Zelda 

13. Summer

14. Sasha

15. Pumpkin

Pumpkin is an adorable Cockapoo in the company of her toys. Her IG is @pumpkin.the.cockapo

16. Poppy

17. Oreo

18. Muffin

19. Minnie

20. Laika

21. Kiwi

22. Juno 

23. Elsa

24. Duchess


This is Duchess. A Frenchie puppy cuddling with her hedgehog. Follow her new IG profile for new adventures @duchess.the.french.bulldog

25. Blondie

26. Ariel

27. Lilo

28. Phoenix

29. Jewel

30. Layla

31. Marshmallow

32. Pickle

33. Lady


This is Lady Lotus. A black shepherd puppy playing with her ball. She has some awesome IG content @thewolf.lotus

34. Mary Puppins

35. Wiggles

36. Athena

37. Maggie

38. Arya

39. Sassy 

40. Honey

Honey the Iggy (Italian Greyhound) is a very profound girl. Check out her IG @honeytheiggy

41. Blue

42. Star

43. Dolly

44. Billie Jean

45. Babushka

46. Autumn

47. Melody

48. Mona Lisa

49. Nala

50. Truffles

To end this list, we have Truffles. A Frenchie girl posing with her buddy Mister Sloth. Her IG is @trufflesthefrenchie49

Thank you for reading. Hopefully you found this article fun and maybe even got some inspiration on how to name your future puppy! Until next time.

Stay pawsome! 🐶

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